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When people think of trimming trees, they usually think of loping off stray branches to make the trees look neater and more attractive. However, there are times when removing small branches isn’t enough! Depending on your tree’s age, location, and other factors, you might also have to remove some of its limbs. Don’t worry since Ashe Stump Grinding & Tree Services is always ready to help you with this process! We’re a team of tree trimming experts in Newport News, VA, and one of our specialties is limb separation from trees. Schedule an appointment with us now!

When Should You Remove Tree Limbs?

It’s important to removing limbs that have become damaged due to pests, storms, diseases, and human error. If the injury to the limb is severe, it can start to rot and weaken, and it might eventually separate from the tree, come crashing down, and cause severe property damage and bodily injuries. Before this happens, you’ll want to preemptively remove the tree limb and keep accidents at bay. Another reason to do limb separation is when the tree limb is too close to the ground and interferes with your landscaping and lawn care chores as well as other activities. If you find yourself hunching down while mowing under a tree, it might be time to remove its lower limbs.

DIY vs Professional Tree Limb Separation

The limbs of young trees are soft and pliant and can be easily removed by property owners. However, if you have zero experience in limb separation and aren’t sure what to do, your best option is to hire experts like us. We’ll assess your trees and remove limbs that are either diseases or too low-hanging, and we’ll complete the limb separation process without causing any damage to your trees and the surrounding structures.

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